Firmware Receptor TDT Strong SRT8105HD

Versão para impressão

Firmware para o Receptor TDT Strong modelo SRT8105HD.





This SW can be used for the SRT 8105PT as well!



a) At the PC:

b) At the Receiver:

After the USB device has been detected successfully, you can perform the software update according to the following steps: 

  1. Press MENU button to enter Main Menu. Select Tools with the "up/down" buttons and press OK to enter. 
  2. After entering Tools menu use the "up/down" buttons and select Upgrade by USB and press OK. Software Upgrade menu is shown. 
  3. Use the "</>" buttons to select AllCode item and the "up/down" buttons to select the Upgrade File. With the "</>" buttons select the correct update file. Now use the "up/down" buttons to select Start and press OK to start the update process. 
  4. After the software file is loaded you will be asked if you want to burn flash. Select Yes to update your receiver or No to cancel. Then press OK to perform the desired action.

NOTA - Durante o processo de UPDATE NUNCA desligue o receptor da fonte de alimentação nem no botão ON/OFF, nem retire a PEN USB! Isso poderá danificar o seu equipamento de forma irremediável e perderá a garantia!